Dream Home

Renovate your Fathers House with a match-3 makeover Puzzles game! Design new home decor with House Items, power-up’s and Gardening Tools to renovate the entire mansion. A mansion with the extra spare bedrooms, fountains, gardens and so much more. Download Dream Home to get the best Match-3 Experience ever.

Match Items and play Dream Home, a story to remember by! Brace the powerful story of Garry with its twists and turns. A story of love, Revenge and also Family, you can enjoy with your heart. Follow the little storylines scattered throughout different characters of “Dream Home” with lots of amazing choices. When the story gives you a rest, you can continue decorating you kitchen or you garden.

Game Features

– Match & swap House items in a fun game to innovatively decorate your mansion!

– Secrets, rewards and an intriguing narrative

– piece together Story Bits & learn new secrets

– In-game characters to meet and interact with

– follow their interesting stories while you play

– Ultimate Decoration madness with luxury house furniture

Play levels, gain stars and spend them to get the best items for decoration out there. Power-up combos, incredible boosters, and tons of levels are here to keep you company.

Decorate your mansion, power-up, and deck out your kitchen & garden in style. Take part in the everlasting mission to be the best in the neighborhood. The neighborhood race is there to keep you busy whenever you feel board. Puzzle out stories with innovative matching gameplay, aided by trusty parrot, quirky characters, and a house cat along for the ride!

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Dream Home gameplay