Mighty Wars

Mighty Wars is a turn-based strategy RPG game that takes the best from roleplaying games and multiplayer online battle arenas with a good mix of action. Become the strongest warlord in the struggle against ruthless enemies. Show off your combat skills and utilize your strategies to build an immortal hero team and clash with guild masters in a real-time PvP mode!

Game features

Real-time PvP wars!
Utilize your fighting strategy and recruit many spectacular Heroes to lead the epic battles to victory! Evolve your warlord for a better appearance and abilities to become invincible in online PvP battles and dominate the battlefields.
Build your own party!
Choose from a huge selection of over 80 powerful battle heroes with a wide range of unique amazing abilities and equipment to build an eternal squad. Upgrade legendary heroes to win exciting daily contests that will help you elevate your mighty warriors or join your guild to embark with your alliances on epic missions.
Power up by crushing your rivals or shopping for heavy upgrades.
Some features:
· Real-time PvP battles
· Join guilds and clans to unite with other players
· Dozens of specific heroes with peculiar abilities
· Plan your battle strategies and tactics
· Level up battle deck heroes and warlords
· Enjoy the stunning graphics
· An incredible variety of exciting game modes

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Mighty Wars gameplay